Final Challenge

Can a player have multiple challenges that they need to perform at the same time?


What can I do with multiple Challenge cards of the same color?

You have more cards to choose from for your Final Challenge combination, and you can deflect attacks by discarding your cards.

Do I have to wait for other players to complete their challenges before continuing the game?

No, the more challenges at the same time, the better.

What happens if I decide to decline the challenge?

If you decline to perform the challenge, you discard the challenge card and others gain the right to tease you mercilessly.

When can I use my active abilities?

You can use them whenever - in your turn, in someone else’s turn, or even in the middle of performing the challenge.

Can I use more than one ability and have more than one active challenge at the same time?


What if I find a challenge or the Final Challenge too demanding?

Use your imagination and perform it to the best of your abilities.


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