Final Challenge Base GameFinal Challenge Base GameFinal Challenge Base GameFinal Challenge Base GameFinal Challenge Base Game

Final Challenge Base Game

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Dare to act! Take on the challenge and be the center of attention. This is the SFW version of Final Challenge. The one you can play with your family without getting a weird look!

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  • Players3-6
  • Ages14+
  • Time30 minuta, ali zavisi od raspoloženja ekipe :D
  • Components
    • 100 challenge cards
    • 6 paper playerboards
    • Hourglass
    • Pen

How to Play

How often do you remember the rules for a board game without referring to the rulebook? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Turn the volume up, the lights down, press play on our how-to-play video and step into the world of Final Challenge!


Final Challenge was the most fun I’ve had with a card game in... probably ever. Where Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens fall flat after the third playthrough, Final Challenge ups the intensity. Buckets of laughs and awkward challenges for the whole fam... ok, maybe don’t play it with your family but definitely play it with friends and crushes. - Nikola Stolnik, CEO and Founder Good Game Global
After seeing a friend acting as a bipolar flamingo I've realized that this is extreme board gaming at its finest! I'm not much into board games, I am rather into partying and silly behavior... but Final Challenge combines it all. - Ivan Stikic, Munzesky Studio
It's a butterfly effect of crazy good fun. One person agrees to do a challenge full on, and the rest just follow. Strangers become friends in one sitting - and it never ends on just one game. You make memories for life. - Kristina Jankovic, SGA
The Final Challenge turned our team upside down (literally). Uncontrollable laughs, while trying to concentrate on tasks, brought us to tears. If you are looking for a Roller Coaster of fun, challenging & hilarious tasks in a party game, you’ve just found it! - Lana Cubric, Two Desperados
An insane gem of cringe worthiness that made me do horrific things - and it was a blast! Super fun game that liberates even the biggest introverts. We were completely disarmed by unstoppable laughter. - Miroslav Micevic, CloseOut
While the basic deck is rather safe, both Twisted and Rated R expansions push boundaries of things you need to do or say to win the game. To truly enjoy the full game potential you need a very easy-going group of friends not bothering to look or sound crazy and silly. - Beastie Geeks
Don’t let this cute, colorful and nicely drawn up party game fool you. Get ready for an all out war of fun awkwardness as everyone is forced to step outside their comfort zone by singing, acting or even licking something. - Board Game Capital
Complete challenges, collect cards, laugh, and get to know your friends a bit better. Let me tell you, when you play Final Challenge, you’re going to know everyone around the room a lot better than when you started. - Punchboard


  • It was created by two friends with a passion for making their other friends uncomfortable
  • To date, it was tested by more than 500 players
  • There are more than 76 million possible Final Challenge combinations
  • You can use our cards as shurikens

Final Challenge Base Game

2.400,00 RSD

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